We're collecting for The Lullaby Trust in Ezra's name, and hoping to raise £500.


The Lullaby Trust is the biggest UK Charity dealing with SIDS losses. They do research into the causes of SIDS and are the leading advice in safe sleeping for infants. When one loses a baby to SIDS it is pretty much classed as unexplained, which translates to, for most parents, for no reason. Imagine that. Imagine being told that nobody knows why your baby died, nobody can offer you any explanation for it, and you're never given any closure.

That's what we live with. The fact that no matter what you do, no matter how careful you are, this shit can still happen. And then we're left to contend with the feelings of anger at other people who aren't as careful as we were. A wild hopelessness that nothing we will ever do will be enough, not in general and not to stop this happening again.

If something can happen for no reason then there need no reason for it to happen again.

The Lullaby Trust offer help for bereaved parents, and that help comes in many forms. It can come in the form of signposting to specialised counsellors, as well as "befrienders" – those whose babies have died some four or more years prior, people who understand the things you're thinking and how that can affect you.

But that's not where their help ends.

They also offer more practical support when it comes to subsequent pregnancies and babies and as anybody that has been through pregnancy after loss knows that can be one of the most terrifying experiences. This isn't limited to those whose babies have died of SIDS, their CONI scheme is for SIDS deaths, and CONI PLUS for those whose babies have died for other reasons. They offer up extra health visitor visits, they offer baby passports for A&E (enabling you to be seen faster, as you've a history of something serious), they offer respiration monitors too (the probes for it are quite expensive). Due to funding restrictions these can sometimes be difficult to access, especially in London. The trust needs more dosh for those things.

They stepped in on my behalf when Lewisham couldn't afford to give me the probes for the breathing monitor. And they do brilliant research into the possible causes and risk factors associated.

All of these things don't come cheap, and so we want to help pay back some of their kindness.


So, I really hope that it's good enough for people to want to get involved. I've tried to keep the prizes from being child's-age-specific as best as I can. See the bottom for some pictures of the stuff that you can get!


A full bump/baby/family photoshoot, lasting 2-4 hours, with Diana Pavlova (@dianapavlovaphotography) including 15 edited images, worth over £500 – subject to distance, you must be able to travel to Chelsea, London, or live within 6.5 miles of. This is the same lady that Edith did her newborn photos with.
- Tiba+Marl crossbody bag in silver – not available online!
Christmas Commission slot for A5 drawing by Heather Louise Ellison (must order by the end of November to make the Christmas post!)
Initial t-shirt or vest from @little.swanns.
2.5m garland in choice of colours by Pom Pom Pandemonium
Set of handprint/child’s drawing vinyl stickers from @RoseTintedVinyl 
FOUR awesome pins from @bloodynorapam 
£15 store credit at @tiny___peanut (up to 3m)
A dummy from @BabyBandits
Red and green strawberry bib from Beauty And The Bib
a fox plush from Le Petit Prince story book
a weave from @madeweavelove
handmade baby blanket, straight from Granny (not my granny, but Edie's honorary Granny, the same lady who made the rainbow crochet blanket)
Illustration prints and stickers by Lydia Coventry.
An initial frame from @bertiebearbuttonart.
A rainbow hat of winner’s choice of colour/size by Snuggle Bugs UK.



FIRST, you click HERE!

£2 minimum secures you an entry.
One entry per person.

Donating more than £2, while definitely appreciated, won't get you more than one entry. I want to keep it fair for people who aren't rolling in money to have a chance to win, too.

Whoever is chosen will win ALL of the above prizes. Though there is no time limit on the photoshoot, if you win and you're unable to travel to London for it, we can talk about an alternative prize. I will try my best to accommodate and think of something else, but I can't promise anything.

I'll be calling the winner on the night of October 15th – which marks the end of baby loss awareness week.

If you're donating PLEASE make sure your full name is on there so I can contact you!!
If you're donating through instagram, make sure your instagram username is on there!