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Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Fair Oak Farm
Fair Oak Farm
Our first holiday!

I was so kindly invited to stay at Fair Oak Farm – thanks to Hanna for arranging.  However, it took me a relatively long time to say yes. I mean, let's face it, it was two nights away in a really lovely country estate. Acres of land, unspoiled countryside, a farmhouse, a cinema, a bar. It sounds great, doesn't it? It's a perfect venue for a party or a wedding.

We stayed in the farmhouse, which had five bedrooms, sleeps twelve or so. We were in the attic room with a friend of mine, which had a double bed and an adjoining room with a small double – perfect for a small family with a child. There was also two more double rooms, and two more family rooms. There's a couple of treehouses, a few single shepherds barn things. Basically, there's a lot of accommodation.

As many of you will have read, we were not at home when Ezra passed away, he and I were at my mum's house. The idea of being away from our usual environment gave me the willies. I realise that the two things were unrelated but there is never a moment where doubt doesn't cross my mind, I wonder if what happened would have happened if we'd just stayed home, if I had done one thing instead of another.

So obviously I said yes eventually. I would have been a fool not to! But also I figured it was about time I faced my fear. I have only been away with Edith once, and that was to my dad's house when she was four months old (ish?) when Pea came to stay – but my dad lives like five minutes down the road from me. Hardly away.

Packing for it was hard. I debated on whether I should take the angelcare monitor with me as well as the normal baby monitor, or if I should buy something new. In the end I took my normal Samsung baby monitor and the Snuza hero. Good thing about the snuza is that it is portable (I still don't know whether it works for tummy sleepers because Edith isn't one). It clips onto a nappy or leggings and measures breathing by the rise and fall of the tummy. It has a flashing light, vibrates, and an alarm. I figured that this paired with the video monitor would be enough. I'd be able to see the flashing (though the samsung monitor is actually good enough to SEE breathing, if you look hard enough) of the monitor on her tum, I'd be able to hear the vibration and I'd definitely be able to hear the alarm.

I took the sleepyhead. Her bed away from bed.

Maybe it was too much? But whatever works for you, I say.

This worked out fine. Well, it would have if Edith actually went to sleep on time the first night. That was the night that the party happened. The hot tub. The prosecco. The bonding. The rum. All of which I missed out on – not that I drink anyway but it would have been nice to have the option. She spent such a long time fighting sleep, which is the first time she's ever done that, and what with the new environment I suppose I don't blame her, that by the time she did go down I was tired.

I had massive FOMO, and I thought about taking the monitor with me and joining in, but the monitor range isn't that good and, frankly, I'm not sure what I really missed out on. As I said, I don't drink, and when you don't drink it's not actually that fun being around drunk people. So I went to bed.

Our second, and final, night, Edith was a dream. She went to bed at 8:30pm, she stayed in bed while we sat downstairs (me obviously watching the monitor like a hawk and making sure it was actually working properly). I watched her move around, I watched her fall asleep, and then I watched her sleep, until 11pm when I joined her. She woke up at 7am, fed, went back to sleep for a bit.


As for me? I am still going to be very cautious when we go away, but it wasn't as bad as expected. I think, in future, I will be faster to say yes to these amazing opportunities (for which I am mad grateful), going places and doing things. Though, I don't know what I'll do about the sleepyhead, it's cumbersome and she's definitely growing out of it incredibly quickly, but I don't feel comfortable having her in the bed with me without having her own space (which the sleepyhead does provide in a pinch).

However, I absolutely cannot wait to go away again now. (MUST REMEMBER TO DO EDITH'S PASSPORT!!!) Especially if it's to somewhere as amazing as Fair Oaks was. I really felt connected to my inner rich person there, truly felt like the person I was born to be.

Anyway, here's some baby pics.

Here's my little baby living her best life in the countryside on a very countrysides chair, wearing neutrals (by h&m, bib by @slobberscarves, socks by eBay lmao)

Fair Oak Farm
Here's the view from the lounge of the farmhouse we were staying in. Cute path? Check.

Fair Oak Farm

Cute steps? Check.

Cute door? check.

Cute baby on the doorstep? Check.

Fair Oak Farm

Fair Oak Farm

(following photographs are taken by Natalie Evans – )

photograph of Fair Oak Farm taken by Natalie Evans –

photograph of Fair Oak Farm taken by Natalie Evans –

photograph of Fair Oak Farm taken by Natalie Evans –

photograph of Fair Oak Farm taken by Natalie Evans –

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