Stephen Hawking talked often on the subject of multiverse theory – it was something that he said was a possibility. Multiverse is simply multiple universes. There may be one that exists where where I am smarter than he is. Infinite multiple universes, a theory believed by one of the smartest men ever to live. An absolute possibility. 

13.7 billion years ago, everything we knew was a singularity, a dot, a nothing, and an unknown trigger (according to the big bang theory) birthed what we now know, expansion in three-dimensional space. Small particles turned into planets, stars, etcetera.  

To be adamant in the belief that we are alone in our own universe seems, to me, a kind of ignorance. On our planet alone, there are 8.7 million different species of things, and so how can, in such an expanse of universe, this be it? Our planet contains intelligent life other than us.  

One theory suggests that space-time is flat and goes on forever, and so the possibility for multiple universes is infinite. However particles can only rearrange themselves so many ways before they start to repeat themselves (ever heard that History Repeats Itself, as the pattern of human behaviour can only go so may ways? That, but with particles). 

Or perhaps, multiple universes exist as outcomes of your decisions. Every action has a reaction, an effect on the world around you as well as on yourswld, I’m sure you’ve heard before, and so a new universe where you said yes to that date and a different life born, a new universe where Paul Jobs told his son Steve to be a doctor instead of encouraging his lose of mechanics. Thus Apple was never created, the iPhone never made, the internet and technology as we know it never comes to be. This is the theory of Quantum Mechanics (part of the daughter universe theory). 

If multiple universes do exists, and if by either of the above theories then that means that there is a universe out there where my son is alive. 

Perhaps it’s a reach, but isn’t all of grieving and rationalising a bit of a reach? We try so many different ways to comfort ourselves. Religion doesn’t work for all of us, but I suppose, in some way, science can (when it comes to theories like this anyway) require a similar amount of faith. 

We are, at the base of it, all made of stardust, atoms and tiny particles make us. Some versions of quantum consciousness say that the mind is not part of the physical, and so entirely separate from material substance. The consciousness then does not die with the physical death of the body. 

It’s an incredibly long theory, one that I’m not sure I could do justice to. The idea is that the world is a part of space and time, both of which are tools of the human consciousness. What we perceive as reality would have to exist in space, but space and time are not absolute realities. The feeling of “self”, of “me”, is just energy in the physical brain, and energy cannot be destroyed. 

A difficult thing to wrap your head around, but an interesting thought nonetheless. So maybe our babies are out there somewhere, a different universe where their hearts didn’t stop beating and instead they carried on, and a different universe is entirely possible. Maybe they’re out there, their consciousness, in the ether, just waiting for us to join them. It's worth a thought, hey.